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Welcome! Enjoy Exploring <3

Gatzby is an artistic soul from the East Coast of America.

In this site you will get a glimpse into my career and info about the future no one else knows. You deserve it since you made it this far <3

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, I hope you enjoy what you find. If you do, go tell a friend about me. Suggest a song on a road trip playlist. Put it on while you drive your family down the shore or chill with your friends in your parents basement. It might seam small but truly means the world to me. You took the time to read this far, why not?

Either way, Thank You!!!! I Love YOU!!! Have an incredible day and enjoy the website.



Feel free to reach out to me whenever

@RealGatzby on IG/Twitter for email



(feat. Matt Batory)


River Styx



(feat. Dylan Reese)

Cherry tree

feat. Chase Potter



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